4Family - Non-Stick Cooking Pan

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The perfect pan for busy mornings.

Not enough time to make breakfast for everyone? Try on 4Family and you’ll make the pancakes, bacon and eggs four times faster with plenty to go around!

While the others play with one pan you can work with four at once to save time and energy when cooking for the family. Every meal is meant to fit nicely in the mini pans.

Cook your breakfasts swiftly to have all the time to enjoy yourself with your family before going to work! Make the best of your morning each day with 4Family!

Why 4Family is for you

Fry all in one go- The breakfast is done so easily when you can fit and fry the pancakes, bacon and eggs all at once!

Satisfy their appetite- Treat your family to a breakfast for champions without breaking a sweat behind the stove!

Open time for the family- Make the meals faster than ever before to have time to enjoy eating with your family before going to work!

4Family is the ultimate choice- Cook your meals four times faster than before to cook less and eat more each morning!

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